Tungsten Carbide Center Punch! OH NO! IT WILL SHATTER!

Whether you spell it centre punch or center punch, the biggest comment we get with our tungsten carbide center punches is that they will shatter and that tungsten carbide is not suitable for center punches. This is of course true if you try and grind one out of standard cutting tool grades of tungsten carbide, … Read more

The World’s Best Tungsten Carbide Scribes?

For any experienced metal worker a sharp scribe is essential for accurate marking out. Most tungsten carbide scribes on the market either have a very “blunt tip” to avoid breakage or are made from a very small piece of tungsten carbide. The Niroc Scribe, originally designed by award winning knife maker Andrew Lazarevic from Lazar … Read more

Gameco, Artisan Supplies and Me

I started working for Gameco on the 2nd February 1999 as a gas cylinder test station operator. Back in the olden days when people used to retest gas cylinders. I started working in the shop not long after and until 2013 I had roles in sales and technical gas sales. Gameco was founded in 1972 … Read more


Some time ago, not that long ago, I was struggling with life. In an attempt to drive my brain to positivity I started leaving google reviews. Always positive. If I liked something, anything about the service or products from a business I left a review. Sometimes I just left a review because I felt sorry … Read more

Andrew From Lazar Designs

I have added a whole range of hand made artisan tools to the site made by Andrew from Lazar Designs. Andrew is an award winning custom knifemaker but he also makes tools and I am super pleased to work with him to increase my available range and to help him sell all the stuff he … Read more

Using a CHOOK Carbide Blade Straightening Hammer

I have just released my new Blade Straightening Hammer made with tungsten carbide, and people are asking, how is it used? It does not look like a hammer? Does it work? Can I insert it into…… etc etc. Look what you do with your purchase is your own business but the story behind these is … Read more

Roll out the BARREL KNIFE!

Before hammers it was barrel knives. I like making Barrel knives and I learned an awful lot from making them. If you do not know anything at all about Barrel Knives I recommend starting here: http://kniver.blogspot.com/2007/10/barrel-knives-from-eskilstuna-per.html If you want to have a go at making one I once put up a post on the subject … Read more