Scribe, Centre Punch and 3 x Peening Punches set of Five


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These punches are made to peen materials for texturing/artistic effects, hide blemishes, peen pins and any task that requires a precision hit with a domed or flat punch.
These sets are hand made in Australia, by me to the original Lazar Design.
They are a set of four,

1 x carbide scribe
1 x Flat
1 x 6mm diameter dome
1 x 3mm diameter dome
1 x Centre Punch

These are individually hand made me and the carbides are specially selected grades/alloys for excellent impact resistance and toughness. Or in the case of the scribe, an alloy designed for wear resistance and cutting ability.

My Star Knurl provides excellent grip, while being gentle on the hands.
I can custom knurl with whatever you want within reason.

The carbide inserts can be replaced, using a shrink fit, however the fit on the punches is harder than my scribes and requires more heat and some care.

They are available in brass finish or black finish.

I now offer Custom Knurling as an option! Tell me what you want and I will do my best to accommodate!

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Brass, Blackened


Standard Stars, Wave Pattern, Middle Finger, Dickie Birds, Kumiko, Flower of Life, Custom Knurl


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